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Shake it off. The art of the handshake.

The wet noodle, the vice grip, the clammy hands and my personal favorite, the finger tips only - all different, but equal versions of a bad handshake. Whether you're a business woman, a mom or a socialite, we've all been faced with an outstretched hand and the opportunity to introduce yourself.

I recently attended a women's conference and it never ceases to amaze me how poorly many women shake hands. I often wonder if its because they never were taught, or they just don't think it really matters (it does). I firmly believe that you should never miss a chance to make a good first impression, and a handshake is often one of the first steps. In an effort to elevate your next handshake experience, here are five tips to improve your grip.

  1. If your hands tend to be on the clammy side, discreetly give them a wipe against your clothes right before you shake.

  2. Outstretch your right hand and give a firm, but not crushing grip.

  3. Make eye contact as you shake.

  4. Shake for two pumps and release.

  5. There is no need to get the upper hand or embellish the handshake with two hands; you can never go wrong with a simple shake and a smile.

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