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Friday Favorites

Five of my favorite finds this week...

Always in search of the perfect shade of red nail polish, this one now tops the list! “7-free”, vegan and cruelty free, this polish and its genius brush shape have made me an instant fan. They also provide a 10% coupon code for your friends!

Love the layering of necklaces and especially the ones with coins. I’ve had my eye on this goddess one for a while and finally took the quiz and placed the order. I also got this one and it’s equally as beautiful.

I went cuckoo for cocopuffs pearls at J.Crew. I’m over the moon about this necklace, bracelet and rings. I also got this satin braided headband and the fit is perfection (not headache inducing). Plus a 40% off sale on right now.

I don’t know about you but Emily in Paris has me dusting off my French speaking skills, headed here for a 3-month refresher course.

We’ve been trying to balance out our drinking habits with non-alcoholic drinks during the week, these Curious Elixirs are actually quite good. I tried this one and it even contains Ashwagandha so you can chill without the chance of a hangover. Once Friday rolls around, I am so ready to open a bottle from this small winery that has captured my heart. All wines are farmed organically, with love and intention AND they are so, so good!

Cheers to the weekend!

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